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Candidate’s Details

Created By: Parents

About the candidate

Name: Nida Khan
Father's Name: late Ashraf khan
Native Address: Nafees bus service gular naka banda (u.p)
District: Banda
State: Uttar Pradesh
Native Country: India
Current Address: 1/107 vikas nagar lucknow
Country: India
Religion: Islam
Mother Tongue: Hindi
Education: M.A (Hons),B.A.(Hons) persuing B.ED
Educational institution: Aligarh muslim university AMU Aligarh (U.P)
Profession: pursuing B.ED from integral university lucknow
Company: none
Job Title of Candidate: Teacher
Monthly Income (Indian Rs): 80,000
Marital Status: Never Married

Physical Attributes:

Age: 25
Height: 5'4
Weight in Kg: 58
Look: Fair
Sociability: Extrovert
Personality: Normal

Special attributes:

Achievements: none
Interest: she is more caring
More about Candiate: She is a extroverted in Nature,Has a good sense of humour,she is fond of living In Joint family set-up,she is excellent in attending to guest and good cook

About the candidate's family

Profession of Father: Businessman
Profession of Mother: House wife
Education of Father: B.A.
Education of Mother: B.A.
Education of Brothers: MBA
Education of Sisters: Pursuing B.SC (Maths )
Profession of Brothers: Area Business Manager (ABM)
Profession of Sister: Student
More about Family: WE are living in a joint family in banda but due to education of sister we have been shifted to Lucknow we 4 uncles and eldest one in setteled in satna (M.P.), he is our guardian who is looking after us after the of my father

Contact Information:

Contact Person's Name: Faisal Khan
Contact Person's Address: 1/107 vikas Nagar Lucknow
Telephone Numbers: +917800855550
Email Address: getfaisal14@hotmail.com

Partner’s Details

About the Partner:

Looking For: groom
Education: Well-Educated
Profession: Well-Settled
Spouse preference: WE are looking for guy from a good family and he should be well educated and Plz those who want dowary plz don't contact me bcoz whatever i want to give my sister i will give.


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