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Welcome To Saba Online - Bihar Anjuman Matrimonial Services

 SABA (Shadi Assistance by Bihar Anjuman) is one of the most useful service by Bihar Anjuman that has been helping the Muslim community of Bihar and Jharkhand since its launch on 25th May, 2005.Shaadi (marriage) is the most important event that transforms a Muslim youth into a complete man or a woman, prepares him or her to share responsibilities. Marriage is a sacred act, and looking for the right partner is essential for a long-lasting relationship to begin. Therefore, matrimonial has become an integral part of the Anjuman’s activitiesWhy SABA?Two main reasons:Anti Dowry: SABA promotes marriage arrangements that do not involve any dowry considerations. The dowry ritual has recently been playing a bigger role in marriage solemnization. It is obvious now that we can see this evil practice very common in our society. It is particularly destructive when the marriage itself is conditional upon the dowry. Hence we felt that there should be a matrimonial website which is open to ..
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