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Marry the naive and righteous

Today people are baffled by the worldly gold and glamour. This is the reason most of the families in our society believe that the most successful Nikah is the one that is accomplished with great pomp and show. But how foolish are we to believe in the same without knowing what Allah is pleased with. In this article we want our readers to look at the other side of the worldly glitter and acknowledge what Allah thinks better.

While looking for a spouse, there are certain qualities that Allah has talked about. Out of those many qualities, naivety, simplicity, and innocence of heart are commendable qualities that are to be sought in a wife. Such qualities beautifies one’s heart and also makes the home a beautiful place to live in.

After seeking for the goodness of the heart, the secondary qualities comprise of beauty, wealth, and prestige. All such qualities have been rendered the position of  secondary importance and should in no case come at the cost of righteousness of heart and conduct. Nikah is not a beauty or wealth contest which needs to be won. It is the culmination of  your future generation which need ti be handed in beautiful hearts and wise minds.

In one of the Hadith, Abu Hurayrah R.A. reported that Allah’s messenger, the Prophet (Peace be upon him) said,

“The best woman is that who pleases her husband when he looks at her, obeys him when he orders, and does not subject her person or money to what he dislikes.”

[as-Sahihah no. 1838]

In another Hadith, Allah’s messenger, the Prophet (Peace be upon him) answered the question regarding ‘Who are the best women?’

“The best woman is that who pleases you when you look at her, obeys you when you order her, and safeguards you during your absence in regard to herself and your wealth.”

[Sahih ul-Jami no. 3299]

A woman’s appearance being pleasing to her husband applies first to pleasing him when he observes her righteousness and obedience to Allah. But it may also apply to pleasing him with her physical beauty. So, we see that the overall factors comprising of primary and secondary qualities make a better wife and a happier Nikah.



(NOTE: This information is given for the limited purpose of bringing awareness about the subject matter for readers. The readers are advised to seek further is not responsible for any adverse acts taken by the readers.)