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Develop contentment in your Nikah

Most of us reading this blog have prioritized happiness over contentment. We need to understand that happiness and contentment are two different aspects and needs different attention. Although happiness is very important for a healthy Nikah relationship.

But happiness should not be the only goal. Happiness is fleeting and it tends to become materialistic in the longer run. But contentment comes from the peace within and the satisfaction that you have the best of everything. A couple who is content with one another will find it easy to stay happy. However, if the couple tries to find happiness all the times, they will be subjected to the fulfillment of worldly desires and materials.

An important quality to be sought in a wife is contentment. A dissatisfied wife would make her husband miserable and push him to do anything to please her.

It is easier for a virgin than a non-virgin to be content with her husband’s financial situation and with what he gives her.

The same has also been said by Allah’s Messenger, the prophet (Peace be upon him),

“Seek virgins in marriages, because they have more fertile wombs, sweeter speech, less slyness, and are easily satisfied with little wealth.”

[as-Sahihah no. 624]

In another Hadith, the prophet (Peace be upon him) said,

“Marry virgins! They have sweeter speech, more fertile wombs, and are satisfied with little.”

[as-Sahihah no. 623]

After reading the Hadith, it is very clear that the content hearts are able to make better homes with healthier relationships. Even in Islam, the contentment of hearts is preferred. So, one must try to purify oneself and focus on the inner peace.



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