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Nikah lasts in this World and Hereafter

Nikah is such a blessed bonds that Allah ties between a man and a woman. Nikah is one of those long lasting relationships which that remains together in this world and also in the Hereafter. When two people take the responsibility of one another, then Allah takes the responsibility of introducing mutual love and understanding. When a married couple has a good relationship based on faith and taqwa, their relationship is sure to extend into the next life and the woman will continue to be the wife of the last man to whom she was married in this life.

Allah’s Messenger, the Prophet (Peace be upon him) said:

“Any woman whose husband dies and she marries after him, she will then be in the hereafter for the last one of her husbands.”

[as-Sahihah no, 1281]

In another Hadith, Allah has emphasized on the same thing.

Aisha R.A. reported that Allah’s Messenger, the Prophet (Peace be upon Him) said,

“A woman will be for the last one of her husbands”

[Sahih ul-Jami no. 6691]

Since, our main purpose is to make our audience aware of the Sunnah of Nikah, we expect that till now we all must have understood that marriage is a lawful act which fulfills the commands of Allah and also fulfills the worldly pleasures.

Nikah is the only right way to establish Halal relationships in the society. It makes the world easier by defining the permissible limits of relationship between a man and a woman. If we look beyond the benefits of society, then it becomes clear that Nikah also helps in the strengthening our Ummah through reproduction and family building.

Thus, Nikah fruitfully shapes one’s life by turning this world and the hereafter into a beautiful place to be where joys and sorrows can be shared with someone you love.



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